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3D Model of Jax (Upper Body) v1.0 By Mr Rami Al-Ashqar (Browse This Publisher's Products)

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Jax is a high-res and fully modeled, textured and SSS-shaded male character (upper body) of comic-hero proportions. The scene in which Jax is provided is also lighted with 3-point lighting, and is render-ready for Mental Ray (renders and SSS also work with FG and GI if enabled). Although the .mb scene is created in Maya 2008, you can still use the .obj model and the textures provided and assemble the scene and shading in a package other than Maya if needed.

The original Zbrush file is also provided in this package, making this character highly customizable as you can transpose, change proportions, and re-sculpt the character, as well as re-create the normal maps and textures in Zbrush.

Some of the focuses on this project are: musculature and anatomy, topology and UVs, quality textures and skin shading



- High resolution and fully shaded and customizable character (upper body) with full UVs for use in your scenes and renders, especially for well-built male characters.
- Educational, as you can study the shading networks and the scene assembly (especially for SSS).

Included in this package:

1.  Jax_Upper_Body.obj: A .obj file of the model with complete UVs.

2. Jax_Upper_Body_ZTool.ztl: A .ZTL Zbrush file of the model with 4 subdivision levels and a total of 1.5 million polygons in the highest subD level. The model is highly customizable in Zbrush for re-sculpting the character, transposing and remaking normal maps or textures. contains the entire project in the default Maya-project directory style. The scenes are contained in the scenes folder, and the textures in the textures folder.

3. The main scene is Jax_Upper_Body.mb which contains the fully shaded, lit up and render-ready character.

4. Full_Eye.mb is a bonus scene which contains a fully shaded, lit up and render-ready eye which is used in Jax’s scene but can also be used in other projects of your choice.

A note for both of the Maya scenes:

To get the scenes working and all the textures loaded properly, you must make sure that the file-structure is consistent. Make sure to set the project under File-> Project -> Set or (Edit Current) to the directory where the project is located. And then open Windows -> Rendering Editors -> Hypershade, go to the textures tab and make sure all the textures are being properly loaded. If you set the project to the right location then it should be enough to ensure that the textures are all loaded by having their Image names written in this format: “textures\texture_name.jpg”

5.  A total of 17 .jpg format textures are contained in this package. These include textures for the head and body which consist of:

Epidermal / Diffuse
Amb Occlusion
Normal maps
Maps are 2k for the head and 4k for the body

Also included are relevant textures for the eyeball, iris and eyelashes

The shading in this scene also makes use of the ‘mix20Layer’ node which can be downloaded from pixero.

Or you can otherwise remove the mix20Layer node in hypershade and apply the SSS shader directly onto the model instead.

Keywords:  Jax  upper  body  SSS  skin  comic  hero  man  quality  maya  mental ray  zbrush  obj  muscly  male  strong  head  anatomy  model  super 
Required plugins: Mix20Layer from Pixero (read description, optional)Mesh type: Polygonal
Materials included: YesTextures included: Yes
Animated: NoJointed: No
Original format: Maya 8.5 (*.mb)License Type: Standard Royalty Free License
Polygons: 23Vertices: 24
Available formats: Wavefront Object (OBJ), Maya 8.5 (*.mb), ZBrush (.ztl)
Price: $120.00 Quantity: Add to Basket


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